Chronic Indecision

Today I realized that chronic indecision is a type of self-sabotage. I also realized that chronic indecision is the story of my life after high school.

This newsflash was made possible by daily Ignatian prayer and followed by a lingering and eye rolling facepalm. I keep telling myself, “be simple.” Continue on the straightforward road and avoid the temptation to complicate matters with endless overthinking and making decisions which are subject to change the next day as I lose the drive to embark on that path.

I’m holding up St. Joseph as my paradigm of humble obedience. The Lord told him, “go to Egypt.” He went to Egypt. Simple as that.

I am stepping out in faith and doing what I think God is calling me to do, and trusting that he will redirect my steps if I start veering in the wrong direction.

How’s that for faith?

My habit of chronic indecision began after high school when I had no faith and everything was up to me and I was paralyzed of making the wrong decision. And I fled everything.

But now I know that God is there with me to guide me in any direction my life takes. This is both a comfort and a leap in the dark. Because really? I am not in control.




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