Threads of grace

An atheist cousin of mine wondered recently about what could induce someone to turn from simple deism to Christianity and ultimately Catholicism.

It’s easier for me to describe the progression from Christianity to Catholicism than it is for me to describe the journey from a multifaceted “none” to Christianity. It was like a cast net spread flat in the surf, shifting under the sand and invisible and then suddenly pulled together by an unseen hand. It was like a million different threads converging to one, or a handful of single digits that add up to one perfect sum.

It wasn’t linear.


2 thoughts on “Threads of grace

  1. I know what you mean and what you’re discussing, but I am a little concerned about the phrasing of “progression from Christianity to Catholicism”. Catholicism is Christianity …. the original / genuine article 🙂 Protestantism (what I converted from) is also Christian and has some overlap with but also important differences from Catholicism and I think that is what you’re getting at. I don’t meant to get nit-picky, but this is unfortunately a relatively common misuse of terms that I hope to see fade away. My friend recently had concerns about the excessive celebration of Halloween at her son’s Catholic school and brought them up with the principal. My friend wondered to the principal why the emphasis on a ‘holiday’ that is not Christian (as celebrated in our secular society with emphasis on scary things) … the principal replied that the school “wasn’t Christian, but Catholic”. It was disappointing on a number of fronts. Anyway, just expressing a concern that has come up for me elsewhare … I don’t want to take away from what is otherwise a beautiful post … you’re a gifted, descriptive writer 🙂


    • I totally know where you’re coming from! I meant it more in a general toward specific way. I never really stopped anywhere in Protestantism so I can’t claim any particular denominations in there. In real life I claim to be absolutely 100% Christian. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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